Getting a dog ready for adoption is
easy and rewarding! 

Friends Furever aims to carefully introduce a new dog into a home with other dogs in a way that makes the transition smooth and safe.  Our fosters provide a safe, healthy, and nurturing home for their foster dogs. They provide the family atmosphere that some of these dogs have never had. Adoptions usually occur within months (sometimes weeks)!

Friends Furever can take care of the vet care and can provide food, toys, and bedding, if you wish.

We have them photographed and post the for adoption on this site, our Facebook page, and, as well as numerous other online adoption sites. For those interested in adopting, we ask them to fill out an application, and we do a home check and a background check to make sure we make the right decision.

Foster families are most important in giving input when it comes time for adoption.  After all, who  knows your foster dog best. We DO use your impression of the prospective adopters to make our decision.
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